A Christmas Tree in the corner of a room

Does A Real Cut Christmas Tree Inside Need Sunlight?

Nearly all living things need sunlight to survive, so you would assume the same goes for a Christmas tree. Let’s find out! 

A cut Christmas tree does not need any sunlight. It is already starting to decay, so it will not help your tree. When you keep the tree out in the sun, its colour will fade, and it will smell bad, so do not place them in direct sunlight.

Where is the best place to put a real Christmas tree inside? 

Place your Christmas tree out of direct sunlight, or it will cause the tree to fade in colour and smell. Keep the Christmas tree away from any radiators and fireplaces.

How long does a cut Christmas tree last inside the house?

A real Christmas tree can last in your home for up to five weeks with the correct care.

What is the best all-around real Christmas to get for inside?

The Fraser Fir is the best real Christmas tree to have inside your home over the festive period. It lasts long, smells good, and doesn’t drop many needles.

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All in all, keep the real cut tree out of direct sunlight. It will do more damage being in sunlight than not.